A game changer is an idea, procedure or finding that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

The purpose of this award is to raise awareness and the profile of its awardee and their innovative/transformative work over the past 24 months.

By way of example, it could be:

  • an early stage finding
  • a transformative analytical process
  • bringing new technologies or techniques together to create a new way of doing things
  • bringing fields of research together potentially creating a whole new field of inquiry
  • an idea that creates positive ripples/disruption in the research/medical field to which it applies and more

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee can be any researcher or part of a team of researchers, irrespective of discipline but needs to have relevance to improving cardiovascular health outcomes, whether in the short, medium or long term.
  • This award has a strong focus on contemporary ideas/innovations with the program of work being current in the past 24 months. Early-mid career researchers (EMCRs; 15 years < post-PhD excluding career disruptions) are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • The nominee does not have to be an ACvA member


  • The winner must demonstrate their ongoing commitment through championship of the sector and stakeholder engagement.
  • The panel reserves the right to withhold granting the award for the calendar year if it deems nominations did not meet the standard required.
  • The nominee agrees to participate in promotional activities related to the ACvA Excellence in Cardiovascular Research Awards should they be required.

How to nominate

  • A game changer can be nominated by anyone, including by themselves.
  • The nominator/nominee should complete the application form using the link below, noting the requirement for two referees to provide objective evidence of the impact of their work. These can include:
        • Peers
        • Senior scientists/lab heads/research directors
        • Funding bodies (eg NHFA, Stroke Foundation)
        • Industry
        • Government
        • Editors from journals
        • Consumers
  • At least one referee must be from an external organisation separate from the nominee.

Nomination assessment

  • The key criteria will be demonstrating that the idea, procedure or finding did affect a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something and that this is validated in line with the application form.
  • The gamechanger nominations will provided to a review panel who select the award based on the above criteria. 

Sample application form

To view the application form, click HERE.


Applications close on Monday 12th September at 5pm (AEST).

Before applying, we recommend that you read our FAQs HERE