Stroke in Australia

In 2020, 27,428 Australians experienced stroke for the first time and by 2050 this number is predicted to almost double to 50,600 Australians. Furthermore, individuals living in regional areas are 17% more likely to suffer a stroke. There is a concerning and continuing gap between stroke patients treated in a metropolitan area compared to those being treated in regional areas. Data from the Acute Audit 2021, conducted by the Stroke Foundation, show that 84% of metropolitan patients received stroke unit care (the gold standard care) in comparison to only 41% of stroke patients in a regional hospital.

Almost half a million Australians are living with the impact of stroke and the estimated NDIS cost alone is $900m annually. Better prevention, earlier and more accessible treatment and recovery management plans are necessary to make significant inroads in improving stroke outcomes, and the associated health and economic gains.


On the 30th May 2022, the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance held a Stroke clinical theme workshop that was facilitated by Professor Geoffrey Donnan AO. The workshop aimed to bring together participants from across the sector (consumers, researchers, clinicians and industry) to develop national, ambitious, and collaborative research solutions to address the unmet needs in stroke. The goal of the workshop was to agree on ‘one big idea’ that would shift the dial and deliver impact for stroke patients and their families. This ‘one big idea’ concept would then be further developed in follow-up workshops.

Topic Discussions

Topic Chairs lead discussions on the following six key topics and underpinning infrastructure.

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