Seven strategic Flagships spanning the translational pipeline have been established to bring the sector together and collaboratively develop solutions to the most pressing areas of need and make a measurable difference to cardiovascular patient outcomes.

The Flagships provide a platform of strengths from basic research through to clinical care. They are:

Each Flagship is governed by Flagship Director(s) and an Advisory Group. Together, they map exisiting strengths and identify key priorities to deliver greater focus to, and impact from the Australian cardiovascular research effort.

Disease Mechanisms Flagship


-To advocate, promote and champion discovery scientists in understanding mechanisms of cardiovascular biology, cardiac disease, vascular disease and stroke.


– To facilitate discussion and collaborations between discovery scientists and clinicians/health researchers to maximise impact and translation

Advisory Group
Professor Mary Kavurma
Associate Professor Alex Pinto
Advisory Group

Susann Beier

Brian Drew

Diane Fatkin

Juliana Hamzah

Julie McMullen

Sonia Shah

Nicola Smith

Jordyn Thomas

Antony Vinh

Connie Wong

Morag Young

Drug Discovery and Translation Flagship

Goal: To create and support a nationwide sustainable ecosystem of drug discovery and translation in Australia that results in a pipeline of therapies to treat cardiac disease, vascular disease and stroke.

Professor Grant Drummond
Professor Rebecca Ritchie
Advisory Group

Biomedical Engineering Flagship

Goal:  To improve and advance the understanding of the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease to deliver practical solutions through the development of new technologies and devices leading to health improvement for individuals, communities and populations.

Professor Peter Barlis
Advisory Group

Precision Medicine Flagship

Goal: To identify the best evidence-based prevention and treatment regimes and programs for implementation and access for all Australians.

Professor Peter Meikle
Professor Alicia Jenkins
Advisory Group

Clinical Trials Flagship

Goal: To influence the transformational change needed for successful cardiovascular clinical trials to flourish in Australia.

Professor Chris Reid
Professor Vincent Thijs
Advisory Group

Big Data Flagship

Goal: To build a coordinated national cardiovascular ‘big data’ platform to drive improvements in health and identify gaps and health inequities in cardiovascular health.

Professor Dominique Cadilhac
Dr Lee Nedkoff
Advisory Group

Implementation and Policy Flagship

Goal: To deliver the best cardiovascular care for all Australians, from prevention and primary care through to surgical interventions and to reduce overall healthcare costs to patients and the healthcare system.

Professor Garry Jennings AO
Professor Julie Redfern
Advisory Group