This membership is perfect for researchers, clinicians, students, consumers and anyone interested in the cardiovascular space. 

Member Benefits

  • Access to networks including emerging leaders, senior researchers, clinicians, industry and consumers
  • Ability to participate in and influence the research environment and culture through working groups, ACvA Flagships and Committees
  • Facilitation services to help bring the right teams together to capture funding and other opportunities
  • Promotion of research excellence and success (National Awards)
  • A vote at the ACvA Annual General Meeting
  • Participation in national strategic collaborations, including:
    • Clinical Themes Initiative
    • Implementation & Policy Roundtable
    • Health Leadership Research Forum (HLRF)
    • VentriClinical network
  • Powerful advocacy – One voice working together to lead significant policy conversations which influence the research environment
  • Sector leadership
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Strategic consumer engagement
  • Network & connections
  • Sector updates, events and opportunities through the ACvA’s newsletter
  • Access to programs, tools and resources such as:
    • The cross-sectoral mentoring program
    • Career development/capacity building programs
    • Grant review and support
    • Webinar series


The fee for individual members is $50 plus GST, renewed annually. 

If you have any queries regarding membership please contact