About Us

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA) is a comprehensive collaboration of cardiovascular research bodies, scientific societies, individual researchers, clinicians, industry and non-government organisations.

We work to bring the cardiovascular sector together in a whole-of-pipeline approach, to strategically and collaboratively develop solutions and make a measurable difference to cardiovascular outcomes for patients.

As a member-based organisation, we believe it’s time for a new vision, new thinking and new strategies to solve cardiovascular disease.

We want our talented researchers aligned to the most urgent clinical challenges and we want discoveries and innovative approaches to care translated to the bedside in an accelerated manner.  

The ACvA brings expertise that spans fundamental biomedical research through to global clinical trials and public health bodies.

Together with our partners and industry members, we work to improve cardiovascular health in Australia. We are deeply engaged with the NHMRC-recognised Australian Health and Research Translational Centres and extend into primary care, which is essential for health impact.