VentriClinical is Australia’s cardiovascular medical technology (medtech) catalyst.  The Network connects, coordinates, and enables public and private research activities across the country to deliver medtech innovation and commercialisation efficiently, effectively and at national scale.

It was established in 2021 as an ACvA initiative and is supported by MTPConnect, the Charles Perkins Centre and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

The VentriClinical Network aims to:

  • attract innovators, expertise, and funding towards cardiovascular medtech research,
  • amplify research activities across boundaries, and
  • align efforts with National and State programs and priorities. 

These actions will:

  • increase cardiovascular medtech innovation and commercialisation in Australia,
  • improve health outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease and
  • reduce the burden and costs on the healthcare system and innovators associated with the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

The VentriClinical Network has a medical technology focus on both device and digital technologies, across interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and cardiothoracic surgery.  It provides an industry directory that connects companies testing cardiovascular technologies with leading Australian clinicians, facilities, and services providers.

It’s now made up of almost 50 Australian service providers, clinicians and engineers who contribute to successful medical device trials for cardiovascular technology innovations. 

Despite its relatively recent initiation, the Network already includes some of Australia’s most well-known and proficient service companies, sites, clinicians, and consultants.

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