ACvA Deputy President Professor Jamie Vandenberg Wins Minister’s Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Professor Jamie Vandenberg, ACvA’s Deputy President, Company Secretary and Clinical Themes Initiative Lead has just won the 2022 NSW CVRN Ministerial Award for Cardiovascular Research Excellence!!

We’re lucky enough to have Professor Vandenberg as our Deputy President and Company Secretary and we wouldn’t be the organisation we are today without his dedication and passion. He is tireless champion and advocate for Discovery Science and the integral pole which it plays in research breakthroughs to advance health outcomes and save lives. Recognising the particular challenges facing discovery sciences, Professor Vandenberg co-led the introduction of ACvA’s seventh flagship representing Disease Mechanisms and stewarded the revamp of the ACvA’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

He also led to the development and successful operation of ACvA’s Clinical Themes Initiative. Leading such an initiative requires strategic capabilities, long term vision, a track record of collaboration, mentorship, humility, generosity and the ability to engender and maintain the trust of individuals and institutions in the sector. Jamie demonstrates these qualities in all of his activities within and beyond the ACvA and is highly valued by his peers, EMCRs, international colleagues and collaborators across the research ecosystem.

However, that’s only one part of his professional life. He is also the co-Deputy Director at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and has been active throughout his career in the support of early to mid-career researchers.

Professor Vandenberg exemplifies the culture of collaboration and valuing diversity. He has a clear vision for the future of the cardiovascular research sector and the patience, planning capabilities, networks and trust to ensure vision can become reality.

He is a natural leader who supports others to shine and leads by example, bringing others forward and helping to retain researchers in their careers and to excel in their science. He also has a significant track record of local national and international collaborations.

He goes above-and-beyond professionally and personally and we’re so proud to be able to work with him and see this formally recognised. Congratulations Professor Vandenberg on this award!