The aim of the ACvA Clinical Themes Initiative is to bring the CV and Stroke sector together to strategically address unmet needs in cardiovascular disease and stroke that will make a difference to patient health outcomes. 

We have identified six initial clinical theme areas that will be the focus of this Initiative: Heart Failure, Stroke, Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Coronary Artery Disease and in Improving CV outcomes for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We anticipate additional themes will be developed in the future.

Through a series of workshops, we will bring together researchers, clinicians, health and infrastructure providers, industry, government, and consumer groups to develop national, collaborative, transdisciplinary research-based solutions and support the sector to attract diverse funding and demonstrate impact.


This initiative is divided into two phases:

Phase one – Sprint Workshops

Workshop 1: Sprint-to-Research Priorities Workshop.

A half day workshop will be held to brainstorm and identify the top research priorities for each clinical theme. Pre-work will involve collation of initial priorities (submitted via the EOI process) based on best available evidence and expertise. These will be synthesised into presentations (with help from identified workshop participants) and discussed for feasibility, capability, impact and measurability, and ranked against the same criteria. We will also seek involvement from consumers, industry experts, partners, health system and government representatives. The two key outcomes of the first workshop meeting will be identification of (i) the unmet clinical needs that we as a community should address, and (ii) the champion(s) who will lead development of each theme.

Workshop 2:  Sprint-to-Solutions Workshops

  • Workshop to discuss and identify research-based pathways that provide solutions for addressing the priorities identified in the previous workshop. These workshops will be led by the theme Champions with the support of an external moderator. High-level solutions will be mapped out for each clinical theme – outlining what is required to get where we need to be. We will also seek involvement from consumers, industry experts, partners, health system and government representatives.
  • Smaller follow up meetings will be held to further develop funding proposals and scope funding avenues. These meetings would also have input from consumers, philanthropy and industry experts to ensure the proposals are suitable for philanthropic and industry/corporate funders.

Phase two:  Seek funding for proposals.

Funding strategies will be developed in parallel with the workshops, and working towards partnering with potential fundraisers and administrators such as the National Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation as well as Industry and Government including exploring new future fellowships to support the clinical themes.  Approaches for funding may varying depend


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