Welcome to ACvA’s new Scientific Advisory Committee

Scientific Advisory Committee

We’d like to introduce and congratulate the nine members of the ACvA’s new Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC):

  • Jamie Vandenberg
  • Dominique Cadilhac
  • Michael Stowasser
  • Rebecca Ritchie
  • Nathan Palpant
  • Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina
  • Lee Nedkoff
  • Jon Kalman
  • Julie Redfern

The SAC is a standing sub-committee of the ACvA, providing advice to the ACvA Board on the development of programs and initiatives to achieve the overall vision of building a vibrant sustainable research ecosystem serving health and the economy.


Our SAC members have a strong research and leadership track record and are committed to the vision and goals of the ACvA. They represent a range of disciplines and have skills and expertise including:

  • discovery science
  • commercialisation
  • research translation
  • implementation
  • health economics
  • development of ambitious, innovative, research proposals
  • development and execution of major cross sectoral partnerships
  • establishment of innovative and diversified approaches to funding