New ACvA President – Professor Jason Kovacic

We’re thrilled to welcome Professor Jason Kovacic as the new ACvA President.

Professor Kovacic is a natural leader and brings with him the experience and network of his varied appointments which will support the national and international connectivity of the ACvA. He was formally appointed at our Annual General Meeting today.

Professor Kovacic is a cardiologist and physician-scientist and has been an ACvA Board Director since 2020. He is also the Executive Director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, a Cardiologist at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Professor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and a Board Member of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes.

He looks forward to working with Immediate Past President Professor Gemma Figtree and the rest of the ACvA Board as President, as well as working closely with government, health and industry partners to directly address unmet needs in cardiovascular and stroke health.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank Professor Figtree, who, as ACvA President since 2017, has consistently demonstrated leadership, unwavering dedication, and a profound passion for the promotion and advocacy of cardiovascular research.

We’d also like to thank Associate Professor Christina Bursill and Professor Chris Sobey who are retiring as Board Directors this year. Professor Bursill served as ACvA Treasurer and will now focus her talent and energy on the South Australian Cardiovascular Research Network. Professor Sobey, who was recently named Australia’s Leading Researcher in Pharmacology and Pharmacy by Research Magazine 2024, will continue to serve on our Remunerations and Nominations Committee.

We welcome Professor Peter Meikle and Dr Rochelle Wynne onto the ACvA Board.