National Hypertension Taskforce Roadmap Launched at Parliament House

Last Monday, on the 18th of March, we had the privilege of launching the National Hypertension Taskforce Roadmap at Parliament House in Canberra.


High blood pressure remains the leading risk factor for Australia’s top three killers: coronary heart disease, stroke, and dementia. Currently, Australia’s BP control rate stands at 32%, lagging significantly behind other nations like Germany, Canada, and the US.


Professor Alta Schutte underscored the importance of collective and community action during the launch event. She outlined prevention, detection, and treatment as the core pillars of the #HypertensionTaskforce’s roadmap, emphasising that everyone has a role to play in addressing this pressing issue.


Her message was echoed by Professor Markus Schlaich, Co-chair of the Hypertension Taskforce, who urged MPs to lead by example by getting their blood pressure checked and encouraging constituents to do the same.


As we approach May Measure Month, a global blood pressure awareness campaign, Professor Schlaich urged all attendees and the parliamentarians present to take the first step by checking their own blood pressure, stressing that together, we can empower all Australians to know their numbers and take control of their health.


We extend our gratitude to Maria Vamvakinou MP and Senator Wendy Askew, Co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Heart and Stroke Foundations, for hosting this important event. It was a collaborative effort presented by the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance, Hypertension Australia, the Heart Foundation, and the Stroke Foundation, reflecting our shared commitment to improving cardiovascular health across the nation.


You can read  the official media release HERE.


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