National Heart Foundation pledges an additional $5.3 Million AUD funding in 2017 to their national grants offering

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The National Board has committed an additional $5. 3M funding in 2017 to the nationally competitive grants offered by the Heart Foundation.

This is a one-off commitment from the research reserves to address the short term crisis, and further, the Board has agreed to work towards a significant increase in recurrent funding, supported by targeted fundraising to redress the fall in real terms in recent years.

More specific cardiovascular research projects are likely to be announced in the near future, and ACvA have been invited to provide ideas and work in close collaboration with the National Heart Foundation to continue to build the capacity of cardiovascular research in Australia.

In addition, the National Heart Foundation will be seeking to receive ideas to build an international flagship research program on a soon to be announced $4 million initiative.

This discovery by Professor Meikle and his team is a prime example of the high quality of Australian research occurring at the interface between molecular biology and clinical care.  “Australia requires strategic investment and coordinated leadership to increase capacity and accelerate the discovery of effective, personalised treatments that improve the health of Australians,” says Professor Gemma Figtree, President of the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance.

Reference: JCI Insight. 2018;3(17):e121326.

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