Welcome to our new Disease Mechanisms Co-Directors

We’d like to welcome the Directors of our new Disease Mechanisms Flagship, Associate Professor Mary Kavurma and Associate Professor Alex Pinto.

Mary and Alex are passionate advocates of Discovery Science and bring the right balance of experience and vision to the position. They’ll lead our Disease Mechanisms Advisory Group and be instrumental in identifying key priorities and developing a plan that advocates for better integration of Discovery Science in translation.

Discovery Science is the key to research breakthroughs and transformative health outcomes and we’re excited to see what key priorities will be identified under their Directorship.

Please join us in welcoming them to these new roles and supporting the crucial work that they’ll be doing as Directors of the Disease Mechanisms Flagship.

Associate Professor Mary Kavurma is Group Leader of the Vascular Complications Group and Associate Director of Research and Education at the Heart Research Institute. She is also conjoint Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Mary’s research interests are focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms in molecular and cellular biology leading to intimal thickening, atherosclerosis, and its complications including coronary artery and peripheral artery disease.

Associate Professor Alex Pinto is the head of the Cardiac Cellular Systems laboratory based at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and is co-appointed by the Baker Institute and La Trobe University.

A major area of focus for A. Prof. Pinto’s laboratory is to understand how hypertension, obesity and diabetes alter the heart, and whether these alterations are reversible.