Hypertension in Australia

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the leading risk factor for death in Australia and the world, leading to 10.8 million deaths globally each year. Currently, in Australia high blood pressure is under diagnosed and poorly managed. One in 3 adults in Australia has hypertension, but only half of these people know they have it. Of those, only 32% have it controlled to target levels with medication or lifestyle.

Raised blood pressure in Australia is responsible for 43% of coronary heart disease, 41% of stroke, 38% of chronic kidney disease and 32% of atrial fibrillation. Unfortunately, Australia’s blood pressure control rates lag behind countries like Germany, South Korea, Canada and the US (Schutte 2022).

The National Hypertension Taskforce

To address this national health problem, the ACvA and Hypertension Australia have joined forces and established the National Hypertension Taskforce with a vision to more than double Australia’s blood pressure control rates from 32% to 70% by 2030.

The National Hypertension Taskforce is cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary. It is the result of multiple stakeholders coming together to focus on a single goal.

The National Hypertension Taskforce has members representing consumers with lived experience, primary care doctors, specialist clinicians, allied health, pharmacists, nurses, researchers, peak bodies and professional societies.

The Taskforce is informed by domestic and international consultation with experts which took place as part of the ACvA’s Hypertension Clinical Theme Initiative which brings the cardiovascular and stroke sector’s together to strategically address the biggest unmet needs in cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Taskforce Launch

The National Hypertension Taskforce was officially launched by the Honourable Mark Butler MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care on the 8th December 2022.

You can read the complete transcript HERE.

Project Contact

Dr Catherine Shang | catherine.shang@ozheart.org 

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ACvA and Hypertension Australia
December 2022
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