Board Director Nominations – Now Open

It’s time to nominate for positions on the ACvA Board of Directors, ahead of our ahead of our 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 30th November, 1 -2pm.

In line with the current ACvA Constitution, a minimum of one third of board members are required to retire at this AGM. These must be the longest serving Directors. All board members stepping down are entitled to re-nominate for re-election.

This means that there will be three vacancies to be voted onto the ACvA Board of Directors.

Nomination process

Before nominating or self-nominating, please review the ACvA constitution and position description of the Board Director so you are aware of all the requirements of a board member of a company limited by shares such as ACvA .

Nominations will be accepted here:

Before completing the form, please ensure that you have:

  • Name of a seconder for your nomination and their contact details
  • A short biography (<350 words) of the nominee
  • Understood the position and associated responsibilities of being a Board Director
  • Signed consent to act as director form return emailed to

Please note that in line with the constitution, you do NOT have to be an ACvA member to nominate for the Board position.

Nominations are due by Monday 31 October 2022.