ACvA Press Release: Supporting a Change of Heart

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Australia’s cardiovascular specialists have welcomed a new report that shows Australia has become complacent about the impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The report calls for a fresh approach to treating our biggest killer, which includes diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and blood vessel disease.
The report by the Baker IDI, Change of Heart: Time to End Cardiovascular Complacency, showed that people with key CVD risk factors are not being adequately treated:

  • Worryingly, half of Australians with high levels of cholesterol and other lipids were not receiving any treatment. This is despite evidence that treatment with statins can prevent deaths from heart attacks.
  • More than two-thirds (68%) of people with high blood pressure were either not being adequately treated or were not receiving any treatment at all.
  • One out of 5 people with diabetes are totally unaware they have the disease.

An alliance of high-profile researchers and clinicians, the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA), has noted that despite CVD being our biggest killer and most expensive disease, that more research was needed into CVD to prevent the tidal wave of ‘diabesity’ (a fatal combination of diabetes and obesity) identified in the report.

Speaking on behalf of the alliance, ACvA Chairman, Professor Jaye Chin-Dusting said; “All of the gains in CVD can be traced back to medical research discoveries. We need a more sophisticated approach for monitoring and surveillance of CVD and increased funding for medical research to tackle the health challenges our modern lives have created.”

“For example, many people have no idea their cholesterol or blood pressure is high, putting them at much greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and atrial fibrillation. This report sets priority areas for action by government, healthcare professionals and researchers to improve the community’s awareness and knowledge of CVD, so that we can reduce the harmful effects of this overlooked disease.”

Click here to view the full report.

About the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA)
The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA) aims to be Australia’s peak leadership body for the advancement of research into heart, stroke and vascular disease and lobbies as a united voice to advocate for critical attention in this space.
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